26,730 caches
410,970 total points
15.4 points/cache average

The Loneliest by Cache Type

Geocaches Age Finds Pts
just another puzzle cache by jake92
San Juan region, San Juan county, CO
6 years
9 months
1 683
Rainbow Trail rest area by dndsterns
San Juan region, Fremont county, CO
6 years
2 months
1 619
Little Blue Wizard of Scraggy Peak by Adrenalin Junkie
Pikes Peak region, Jefferson county, CO
6 years 1 606
Baked Pierre Shale by Roskoe52
San Juan region, Huerfano county, CO
5 years
7 months
3 186
Dizzo's Peak by RShepHorse
San Juan region, Montezuma county, CO
15 years 17 88
Hiking with Dad by notbritish
Front Range region, Larimer county, CO
3 years
4 months
4 84
Colorado Reverse Cache by kingbee
San Juan region, La Plata county, CO
2 years
6 months
6 42
Giraffe Cam by gulo
Colorado Springs region, El Paso county, CO
12 years
1 month
555 2.2
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First Day Finder Leaderboard FDFs FDF
1 hartsdale 854 16,897
2 Denali41 272 11,296
3 sassydil 447 9,925
4 Rojo464 297 5,395
5 ernie66 188 5,238

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