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Geocaches Age Finds Pts
The Survivors ( MacGyver Cache # 70 ) by JacobBarlow
Provo region, Utah county, UT
8 years
6 months
1 850
Doug and Jimmy's Excellant Adventure by BroBear
Washakie county, WY
6 years
10 months
1 689
Fossil out of Place in Cataract Canyon by weeds19
Slickrock region, Garfield county, UT
5 years
7 months
0 564
A Bermuda Triangle? by Ourark
Zion region, Iron county, UT
5 years
1 month
1 512
Getaway on Peale Island by DavidMac
Teton county, WY
11 years
11 months
6 199
3 For 1 by weeds19
Great Basin region, White Pine county, NV
3 years
11 months
2 199
Bonzo's Financial Conundrum #4 by The NightFox
Provo region, Utah county, UT
1 year
5 months
0 149
I Spy... by Constipated Mind
Washakie county, WY
10 years 71 14
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Activity Point Gain (1 month) Vivi 4,217
Overall Point Gain (6 months) afudc 36,254

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